We teach Cooking Classes, Cater, Sell our Spices, Cookbooks, & More!
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Hello Lagosian! Have you registered for our annual Cooking/Bartending Classes yet? Na only August o! No let this rare opportunity pass you 0! call 08162114269 for details.
Have you visited our Restaurant yet?
Relax, Refill with our authentic Nigerian Bar foods/drinks. "A service with smile awaits you"
Stop by today!!!
Shop our hand crafted spices and seasonings. Guaranteed to make your meals most flavorful.
We have  All Purpose, Seafood, Targine, Meat spices & House seasoning


​with a gourmet touch...

Pro Chef, Home cook or blogger?

reads from scratch!​​
Students made home made pizza and other breads; ​using ingredients from Nigeria! This is oven ready...you don't need dominos when you can make this at home...

Register today and let's show you a whole new world of endless culinary possibilities!

Join us as we train and push you to  new world of culinary possibilities

AWelcome to Priscilla's Kitchen Lagos, Nigeriad
​We cater, train cooks, sell our spices. 
​To the right is our Truffled Cassava Fries with a creamy dipping sauce. It's local...earthy and tasty.
​Have you been to our restaurant yet?
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